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The following describes the products and services provided to GMRS Operators through our website.
As you read our free course you will find related radios and equipment. We buy these ourselves, test them, use them.
We have been bit by the radio bug. We enjoy having and using our neighborhood repeaters.

This website will provide select products and exclusive services to only operators with a valid license.

We provide and are working to provide the following services:

Currently Available

The GMRS Operator Course.    Learn more about the GMRS Operators Course...

Search service revealing other GMRS operators in the same city, zipcode, and areas around zipcode, plus channel number of registered operators.

Custom GMRS Operator profile with favorite channel number.

We offer GMRS equipment online, including but not limited to:

      1.    Handheld Transceivers
      2.    Mobile Transceivers
      3.    Repeaters
      4.    Antennas

Under development or planned

Custom* subdomain using call sign on (like with favorite channel number, CTCSS tone, and bio.

Custom* domain using call sign (like depending on availablity) containing same information as custom subdomain.

Custom* email for custom domain (like, requires custom domain).

Facilitation of repeater clubs.

We reserve the right to offer GMRS equipment online, including but not limited to:

      1.    Amplifiers

* - Requires monthly subscription.