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There are currently 259,046 active GMRS licensed operators discoverable. License database last refreshed 2024-02-26 02:08:46.

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The General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) is an easy to use two-way radio service.

The GMRS Operator Course explains:

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You need a license from the FCC to operate a GMRS radio.

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Need a GMRS License?

The FCC provides your GMRS license without a test and your cost
is only $35 for a 10 year license, which is like $0.29/month!

First you get a FRN from the FCC to register your email address:
Register with the FCC

Second log in with your FRN:
Go to the Login Page for FCC License Manager

Third you get your GMRS License:
You will need to use the scroll bar to scroll down the list of FCC codes
ZA is the FCC code for GMRS License.
The menu is on the left of the page to apply for your new GMRS License.
Notice: An Amateur radio operators license does not grant permission to use the GMRS frequencies.
An Amateur radio operator should get a GMRS license to use GMRS frequencies.